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BTL Aesthetics Vanquish - For Sale - Used


Used BTL Aesthetics Vanquish - Vanquish with ME and FLEX (leg) - For Sale

Item ID: 1069

Price: $44,950  Make Offer or Request Quote

This is a like new 2014 BTL Vanquish with ME software and the FLEX (leg) adapter in perfect working order and excellent cosmetic condition.

We just purchased this unit and it will be arriving to our facility the week of May 22.

***********THIS LASER WILL BE BLUE DOT CERTIFIED*****************

This system is complete with all accessories, FLEX (leg) adapter, manuals, and a parts and labor warranty.

ACTUAL pictures of device shown here.

Additional pictures and or video is available on request.

We are happy to perform a FaceTime or Skype call with you so that you can view the system LIVE.

We accept all safe and secure payment methods such as PayPal and www.escrow.com.

Please call or e-mail as we are ready to answer any questions or help in any way!

Additional Information:

Category: Cellulite Therapy
Item: Vanquish with ME and FLEX (leg)
Manufacturer: BTL Aesthetics
Model: Vanquish
Status: For Sale - Used
Requests: 3969