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Luxar LX-20  - For Sale - Used


Used Luxar LX-20  - Cosmetic Lasers - For Sale

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A full 20 watts of power without the hassle of big size or an articulated arm. We have units with or without the scanner handpiece available. Scanner units will be an extra charge.

Used in dermatology, cosmetic surgery, oral surgery, otolaryngology and general and family practice for applications such as biopsies, wart removal, scar revision and many more applications. The NovaPulse pulsed CO2 laser is an excellent tool for in-office ablative skin rejuvenation procedures. It penetrates tissue while minimizing trauma to underlying tissue and structures. At the same time, its laser energy seals blood vessels on contact, creating hemostasis and a clean, dry, surgical field.

Key benefits of the NovaPulse include: Reduced need for anesthesia and sutures Minimal edema and scarring Lessened-post operative discomfort Rapid course of healing Ideal for both aesthetic and surgical applicatoins Compact and lightweight

Applications such as: · Warts · Hemorrhoids · Skin tags · Cysts · Nail fungus · Condyloma (cervical anal, penal, vaginal) · Plantar warts · Basal cell carcinoma · Squmous cell carcinoma · Spider veins · Cervical lesions · Keloid reduction

The NovaPulse can deliver laser energy to tissue in high-amplitude, short duration pulses, followed by short pauses during which tissue is allowed to cool. This modality minimizes charring and thermal necrosis, as well as reduces scarring.

The NovaPulse unique design and flexible fiber delivery system allow effortless access to treatment sites. A selection of handpieces and changeable tips offers the physician numerous options for scanning and cutting, using manual control or pre-programmed settings, and facilitates transition between procedures.

The LUXAR LX-20 CO2 laser allows the general practitioner to directly perform a variety of common, minimally invasive, surgical procedures in the exam room. Combining the advantages of laser precision with a familiar, scalpel-like feel, the CO2 laser provides a quick and easy-to-use modality for physicians seeking to increase practice capabilities and the services offered to patients.

Call us today to find out how the Luxar LX-20 Surgical Laser can work for you. Units in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

All devices will be serviced prior to delivery and include a 90 day warranty.

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