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DermaMed MegaPeel Platinum - For Sale - Used


Used DermaMed MegaPeel Platinum - Platinum Series - For Sale

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Exclusive Enviro-Sealed™ Hepa Cartridge Large multi Hepa filter and closed system eliminates airborne contaminants, prevents clogging and is clean, neat and easy to use. MegaPeel is the only truly closed system available. Separate controls for vacuum and crystal flow Allow the technician to increase power without excessive crystal flow and provide the correct amount of vacuum power for all areas of the face and body.

Condition-specific tips and hand pieces for customized treatments MegaPeel offers a variety of disposable, condition-specific tips and detachable, autoclavable, silver and gold, non-fatiguing hand pieces to provide customized treatments for an advanced skin rejuvenation program. Ultra Quiet MegaVac motor The MegaVac motor has been continuous run tested and is rated as the highest performing and most dependable motor. The unique features of the MegaPeel system provide superior treatment results, which translate into client satisfaction, referrals and business growth.

Additional Information:

Category: Microdermabrasion
Item: Platinum Series
Manufacturer: DermaMed
Model: MegaPeel Platinum
Status: For Sale - Used
Requests: 33716

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