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Parisian Peel Classic Dermamax 2000 - For Sale - Used


Used Parisian Peel Classic Dermamax 2000 - Microdermabrasion - For Sale

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Bring smoother, fresher skin to more of your patients using Parisian Peel CLASSIQUE, the proven medical microdermabrasion system that has achieved successful results in European clinical experience. It renews skin quickly and gently, making it a desirable option for patients who may have delayed elective therapy due to concerns about cost, recovery time or side effects.

Benefits to Your Practice Safe. Noninvasive Parisian Peel CLASSIQUE requires no anesthesia. Patients can have unlimited treatments with no side effects.

Gentle. Patients return immediately to their normal lives with no down time and much less trauma than chemical peels or laser resurfacing.

Simple. Staff can administer Parisian Peel microdermabrasion in about 15 to 20 minutes without your supervision.

Treats All Skin Types. Equally effective for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types.

Affordable for Patients. Quick and easy Parisian Peel brings skin restoration within the reach of many more patients.

Superior Rate of Return for the Physician. High product quality and simplicity of use lower your treatment costs and enhance profitability.

Quality Certified. Parisian Peel has earned European ISO-9000 certification and CE Mark of Quality.

GE Technical Service. Only Parisian Peel is backed by after-sale technical support by GE Clinical Services nationwide network of biomedical technicians. The Parisian Peel is beneficial for absolutely any individual regardless of their skin type or color. This procedure is indicated for those with sun-damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, general exfoliation/rejuvenation, enlarged or oily pores, blackheads or whiteheads, age spots, etc.

The Parisian Peel is performed using a machine that is called the Dermamax 2000. This machine uses aluminum oxide crystals that are projected gently and painlessly against the skin to exfoliate the corneum stratum (top layer of skin) down to the epidermis. The Dermamax 2000 also has a suction device that removes the dead skin cells as the procedure is being performed. The benefits also include safety. This non-invasive Parisian Peel process requires no anesthetic. Patients can receive unlimited treatments with no side effects. Patients return immediately to their normal lives with no down time and much less trauma than laser resurfacing.

It is recommended that your receive between three and ten treatments, or more where necessary, to achieve the desired results.


Buy five peels at $150.00, (750.00 total) get one free and 5% off Iredale Cosmetics Buy ten peels and $150.00, (1500.00 total) get two free peels and 10% off Iredale Cosmetics. INDIVIDUAL PRICES:

For a new patient: $200.00. Includes consultation and 1 full face treatment

For an established patient: $150.00 for 1 full-face treatment.

Additional Information:

Category: Microdermabrasion
Item: Microdermabrasion
Manufacturer: Parisian Peel
Model: Classic Dermamax 2000
Status: For Sale - Used
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