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LUMENIS Quantum IPL - For Sale - Used


Used LUMENIS Quantum IPL - HR/SR/DL Configurations - For Sale

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We always have 5-10 Quantums in stock with every possible configuration. Pricing depends on configurations

Now you can access all the advantages of clinically proven Intense Pulsed Light™ (IPL™) technology in an affordable system dedicated to IPL Skin Treatments using Photorejuvenation - the most exciting new procedure in aesthetic medicine. Thanks to a smart, simple-to-use operation, the IPL Quantum SR system makes it easy for you to provide your patients with non-ablative skin treatment that offers a "no-downtime" procedure where patients can resume activities immediately.

The IPL Quantum SR system simultaneously treats a wide range of skin conditions:

2 Second Hair Removal.

Age spots (sun-induced freckles) Broken capillaries Telangiectasias Most benign brown pigments

Unlike more aggressive surgery, IPL Skin Treatments using Photorejuvenation treat the full face for a far more aesthetically pleasing effect. Typically performed in four to six treatments over four months, IPL provides gradual improvement with very low risk that patients and physicians find tremendously satisfying. And the procedure is safe enough for application on the neck, chest and hands. In short, photorejuvenation with the IPL Quantum SR offers a tremendous opportunity for your patients and for you.

QUANTUM DL (1064 LP Laser Handpiece) Clinically proven for the effective treatment of deeper and other vascular lesions.

Leg veins Larger telangiectasias Hemangiomas Extended life handpiece--at least 10 times longer life than older designs--means cost-effective operation Integrated contact cooling for optimal control of treatment site cooling Multiple Synchronized PulsingTM Nd:YAG technology controls the effect of high energy by interspersed cooling periods, maximizing heating of the vessel while protecting the epidermis Can be upgraded to perform IPL Skin Treatments using Photorejuvenation and/or IPL Photoepilation Fast, easy operation. Two-second repetition rate for rapid treatment; easy-to-use touch screen, and user-friendly software with advanced user capabilities

The new IPL Quantum DL system incorporates proven, highly effective Nd:YAG technology with the reliability and simplicity you expect from Lumenis' IPL Quantum series. Its modular, upgradeable design protects your investment by allowing you to step up to IPL skin treatment, hair removal and other upgrades as they become available.

Unique, Multiple Synchronized Pulsing and integrated cooling permits optimal safety, efficacy and patient comfort.

Additional Information:

Category: Cosmetic Lasers
Item: HR/SR/DL Configurations
Manufacturer: LUMENIS
Model: Quantum IPL
Status: For Sale - Used
Requests: 32878