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Asclepion Dermablate - For Sale - Used


Used Asclepion Dermablate - Cosmetic Lasers - For Sale

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Dermablate - Best performance for highest needs The unique TEAM technology (Total Evacuation of Ablated Material) offers a thorough evacuation of plumes during a treatment.

Since it is integrated into the handpiece, the treatment can be carried out by only one person. Perfect optics provide an optimal beam profile, and an easy-to-use software make the handling of the system simple.

The Dermablate is available with various handpieces and a scanner.

Treatments with the Dermablate.

The Dermablate enables you to remove superficial skin lesions effectively: Wrinkels, Rhytids, Elastosis, Cutis (Skin Resurfacing) Scars (posttraumatic), Acne Scars, Non - Keloid Scars Pigmented lesions like lentigo senilis, epidermal nevi, seborrhoic keratosis, and professional tattoos Adnexal and epithelial tumors like adenoma aebaceum, syringoma, xanthelasms, and sebaceus hyperplasia

Additional Information:

Category: Cosmetic Lasers
Item: Cosmetic Lasers
Manufacturer: Asclepion
Model: Dermablate
Status: For Sale - Used
Requests: 31658