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LUMENIS Vaculight HR/SR VS, VX - Wanted


LUMENIS Vaculight HR/SR VS, VX - Vasculight SR/HR - Wanted to Buy

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The VascuLight™ combines Lumenis' exclusive Intense Pulsed Light™ (IPL™) with and 1064 Nd:YAG laser. The innovative Nd:YAG laser head delivers superior performance in the treatment of deeper lying veins. The IPL heads are the perfect complement for vascular and pigmented lesions, including IPL Skin Treatments using Photorejuvenation, as well as high-speed hair removal. The VascuLight comes in a variety of configurations. CMC's estimated prices for each pre-owned are below and you make follow the link just below the prices for a complete comparison of the various trim levels.

Vasculight Plus: Think of this as a PhotoDerm VL/PL/HR with the 1064 nd:yag added.

VascuLight SR: As above with the additoin of the SR head for photorejuvenation.

VascuLight HR/SR: As above with SR but with the addition of the Epilight head for 3 second hair removal.

VascuLight Elite: As above with the HR/SR but with a cooled 1064 nd:Yag head instead of the non cooled head on the others. (Note, the Quantum DL has this type of cooled nd:Yag head also.

VascuLight VS: VascuLight VX:

Same as the VascuLight Plus

Now a small primer to help reduce all the confusion in understanding the differences of the above units.

VascuLight Plus: ND:Yag Head and VL/PL head like the one on a Photoderm.

VascuLight SR. This model features four heads.

An HR head (AKA EpiLight Head)

An SR head for photorejuvenation with changeable 640 and 560 filters (compared with one or the other fixed internal filter on a Quantum)

VL/PL head recycling every 9 seconds allowing you to use 515,550,570,590

1064 ND:yag laser head

VascuLight VS: As above with the HR (Epilgiht Head) absent. Choose this configuration if you are happy with the hair removal system you own already or do not require hair removal at all.

VascuLight VX: ND:Yag Head and VL/PL Head. (Identical to a Vasculight Plus). Available with touch screen as an option when they are purchased new.

Additional Information:

Category: Cosmetic Lasers
Item: Vasculight SR/HR
Manufacturer: LUMENIS
Model: Vaculight HR/SR VS, VX
Status: Wanted
Requests: 32553