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Cutera CoolGlide CV - For Sale - Used


Used Cutera CoolGlide CV - Cutera CoolGlide CV - For Sale

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This CV comes with all applicable accessories and is in perfect working order.

CoolGlide CV

The CoolGlide® CV combines excellent performance for the permanent reduction of unwanted hair with the ability to treat all skin types and tanned skin. Our PowerFlex technology provides rapid delivery of high-energy pulses in a very large spot size. The result is fast, effective treatment of both small and large body areas. High peak power with independent pulse width control allows for the treatment of fine and coarse hair.

The CoolGlide CV is FDA cleared for permanent hair reduction and vascular lesions.

Additional Information:

Category: Cosmetic Lasers
Item: Cutera CoolGlide CV
Manufacturer: Cutera
Model: CoolGlide CV
Status: For Sale - Used
Requests: 31655