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Parisian Peel Prestige - For Sale - Used


Used Parisian Peel Prestige - Parisian Peel Pro XP - For Sale

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The Pro comes equipped with a retractable, telescoping handle and wheels for easy movement during treatments and between treatment rooms. Our signature ergonomic hand-piece with flexible

Digital information displays indicate precise vacuum level readings, compressor activation and vacuum only selection. It also includes specific service alert messages, which proactively signal the need for waste canister replacement or occluded filter service.

Crystal canisters and disposable waste canisters are easily installed and removed and remain concealed during treatments.

Easily view crystal volume through an illuminated window.

tubing provides safe and comfortable handling for consistent results throughout the day. The fingertip compression control allows for more efficient treatment than with a standard foot switch.

The system comes with disposable plastic tips that can be cold sterilized to ensure the most sanitary and complete microdermabrasion service for each client. Professionals can rotate the tips weekly or assign a personal tip to each patient.

Additional Information:

Category: Microdermabrasion
Item: Parisian Peel Pro XP
Manufacturer: Parisian Peel
Model: Prestige
Status: For Sale - Used
Requests: 31136