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Laserscope Aura i w/ Starpulse - For Sale - Used

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Used Laserscope Aura i w/ Starpulse - Laserscope Aura i Variable Spot - For Sale

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This is a 2003 Laserscope Aura I with variable spot handpiece and chiller. It comes with all accessories and is in perfect working order and excellent cosmetic condition.

Here is what the manufacturer says:

The Company's Aura-i™ Laser System is a compact, highly portable, single wavelength laser designed for office-based procedures. Its unique, integrated StarPulse feature enables the treatment of Acne, benign vascular, including telangiectasia on the leg and face, and pigmented surface lesions, including leg veins. It can also be used as a continuous wave laser for surgical applications in urology, gynecology and ENT.

Aura-i is available in two configurations - a 10 watt model for applications in aesthetics and urology, and a 15 watt model for applications in aesthetics and ENT and includes a variable spot handpiece that adjusts from 1-5mm with computer adjusted fluences.

StarPulse™, a technological breakthrough offered on Aura-i Systems, is a unique, integrated feature that facilitates the removal of benign vascular and pigmented lesions, including telangiectasia on the leg and face. The ability of StarPulse to match tissue relaxation time differentiates it from any other laser or light system for the removal of vascular lesions. Available delivery devices include single spot hand pieces in various sizes for the tracing of vessels and an integrated scanner, SmartScan™, to treat large surface areas.

StarPulse, available as an option on the Aura-i Laser System, converts the laser's continuous wave operation to a variable pulsing mode for the photocoagulation of vascular, benign pigmented, and other cutaneous lesions. StarPulse technology allows physicians to deliver fully-variable bursts of laser energy at pulse widths in the 1 to 30 millisecond range. This clinically-proven treatment range permits precise matching of the laser's pulse width with the thermal relaxation times of various vascular lesions.

Additional Information:

Category: Cosmetic Lasers
Item: Laserscope Aura i Variable Spot
Manufacturer: Laserscope
Model: Aura i w/ Starpulse
Status: For Sale - Used
Requests: 30726

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