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Sciton JOULE- LOADED - For Sale - Used

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Item ID: 982

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Sciton Joule Multi Laser Platform w. Color TFT DOM: 2011 Refurbished in 2016 Modules: Dual 2940 Erbium Module w. TRL 1064 Module w. Speed Doubling Brick Micro Laser Peel Profractional XC Module w. 22% Update Contour Module Resurfacing Module Coagulation Mode Cutting Mode High Speed Hair Removal Module Thermal Facial Module Vascular Module BBL Module with ST TWO All BBL Filters 420-695 (includes ind. Cases) ST TWO Filter Scanners/Hand Pieces MLP Scanner Pro Fractional XC Scanner w/ Glass & Metal Stand Off 2/3mm & 4/6mm w. Metal Distance Gauges 5mm HF Tele Centric Scanner w. Sapphire Chill Plate Articulating Arm w/ Accessory Counter Weight BBL Hand Piece w. Sapphire Chill Tip ProLipo with all accessories Accessories Included Footswitch, Key, Interlock, Scanner Cable, Arm Clips (cable & chiller hose) Users Manual, Clinical Manual w. User Parameters, Technical Manual Danger Warning Sign  Multi Wavelength (2) New Protective Multi Wavelength YAD Glasses, (1) Patient Shields BBL Adapter Set (2) Square (2) Round & Smoothie Adapter Large Sapphire Chill Plate, Single Spot Small Chill Plate Adapter Thermotek Recirculating Water Chiller w. Neoprene Hosing & Power Cord BBL Hand Piece Water Evacuation Bulb Drain & Fill Kit w. Affixed Funnel Chiller Tubing By Pass Close Off Tube w. Connectors Sciton Joule Marketing Program (Thumb Drive) Accessory Cases for Scanners/Accessories, XC Scanner, & BBL HP Configuration 200-240v 25A 50/60 Hz Single Phase Dedicated Outlet

***We can also send in a former Sciton trained technician to install and train you and your staff at a nominal cost***

Additional Information:

Category: Cosmetic Lasers
Manufacturer: Sciton
Status: For Sale - Used
Requests: 15170