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  • Cutera Cutera Coolglide Vantage For Sale - $23000.00

Cutera Cutera Coolglide Vantage For Sale - $23000.00


Cutera Cutera Coolglide Vantage For Sale By Owner

Price: $23000.00

I'm Interested - Please Contact Me Regarding This Cutera Cutera Coolglide Vantage

Accessories: Foot pedal, Manual, Power Requirements: 110-120V Hand Pieces: Original variable spot handpiece Equipment Description: Excellent condition. Nearly brand new. First FDA approved laser for permanent hair reduction in all skin types (including tanned). Allows the clinician to perform the highly popular Genesis procedure to reduce pores, even out skin tones, and improve the overall skin texture to a creamy complexion. Also, removes facial and leg veins. The Cutera Vantage is, by far, the best choice for combining all the latest aesthetic procedures in one laser with a unique cooling device incorporated in the handpiece to provide comfort without the hassles of cryogen. Good condition. For sale as is.

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: Cutera
Model: Cutera Coolglide Vantage
Hour Count:
Pulse Count:
Hand Pieces:
Power Requirements: 110-120
Last Serviced: 2008
Manuals Present: yes
Under Warrranty: no
Age: October 2005