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ELLIPSE JUVIA For Sale - 25000 US $



Price: 25000 US $

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CLINICALLY PROVEN SAFE AND EFFECTIVE The smallest fractional CO2 laser weighs only approx 20 kg. Combine that with the quality of Ellipse and you get what you need to conduct successful skin resurfacing. Whats left....? Not a single empty seat in your waiting room. Ellipse Juvia - the small fractional CO2 laser, with big impact. Laser Laser type Continuous Wave Gas- (CarbonDioxide - CO2) laser, class 4 (IEC825-1:1993) Mode of operation Continuous and intermittent operation Mains voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz Power consumption 30-550VA Optical output parameters Typical max. power 15 W Power range 0.1 W - 15 W Treatment wavelength 10,600 nm Pulsed emission Frequency range 0.5 - 50 Hz Pulse width 10 - 990 ms in steps of 5 ms Aiming beam laser 635 nm Start/Stop Foot activated switch Safety functions Emergency stop Red button disables laser emission immediately Interlock Disconnection immediately stops laser emission Size 63 cm x 28 cm x 46 cm Weight Approx. 24 kg Scanner Scan dwell time 2 ms, 3 ms, 4 ms, 5 ms, 6 ms, 7 ms Scan density Dot spacing: Max. 1 mm (11x11), Med. 1.25 mm (9x9), Min. 1.66mm (7x7) Scan area 1 cm2 - regardless of scan density Spot size 0.5 mm Start / Stop function Foot switch on laser console Indication of settings 9 green LED indicators Treatment distance 27 mm from output lens Power density Approx. 10 kW/cm2 at 10 W from laser console Power supply Powered by the laser console Power consumption Max.12 VA Optical power efficiency Typically 95% Size 12 x 11 x 2.5 cm Weight Approx. 280 g excl. cable Optical Fiber Mode of operation: Continuous or intermittent Operating conditions: Ambient temperature 28°C / 82°F, air humidity below 80%, air pressure 0.7 atm. Storage conditions: Temperature between 0 and 50°C (32-122°F), air humidity below 80%, air pressure 0.7 atm. Optical wavelength: 10.600 nm Abs. max. optical output power: 20 W Min. bending radius (in use): 500 mm Min. bending radius (storage, short term): 200 mm Min. bending radius (storage, long term): 200 mm Length: 1650 mm Weight: Approx. 300 g Technical Specifications: 1EJU7894-B02

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: ELLIPSE
Model: JUVIA
Hour Count:
Pulse Count:
Hand Pieces: Fibre optique avec un scanner pour le fractionnel
Accessories: - 2 operator glasses- 1 patient glasses - security
Power Requirements: 100-240
Last Serviced: 2010
Manuals Present: oui
Under Warrranty: non
Age: 2009