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Sciton Profile For Sale - $40,000

Sciton profile 1064.jpg

Sciton Profile For Sale By Owner

Price: $40,000

I'm Interested - Please Contact Me Regarding This Sciton Profile

Sciton 1064 ND Yag. Treats Hair removal, Leg Veins, tatoo removal, toenail fungus. Non ablative skin rejuvenation etc... Machine has been recently serviced 4/2011, clear and running properly

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: Sciton
Model: Profile
Hour Count:
Pulse Count:
Hand Pieces: 4mm 6mm, 5mm 8mm w cool plate, cool contant plate
Accessories: all cooling plates, foot pedal, and cooling mech
Power Requirements: 50/60 hz
Last Serviced: 4/2011
Manuals Present: yes
Under Warrranty: no
Age: 6 yrs