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ProFect PhotoPro For Sale - $5000


ProFect PhotoPro For Sale By Owner

Price: $5000

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The Profect® PhotoPro is a state-of-the-art medical photography systems that allows you to document your clinical results, standardize your photographs and analyze the condition of your patients' skin. Lighting: Our new computer-controlled ProFlash" lighting automatically adjusts to give you the lighting you need for your photographs. Ultraviolet Flashes provide true, color photographs with more visual information than other "simulated" ultraviolet systems and, when combined with a DSLR camera, give greater clarity than Polaroid-based systems. Polarized Lighting reduces glare and permits visibility of pigmentation and vascular conditions not seen with the naked eye. Software: Ultra-III Pro retains the Tethered Capture, Live Image Overlay and Annotation Features that made its predecessor, Ultra-II, the most user-friendly software in the industry, and introduces a host of new features including Skin Measurement and Analysis Tools for sub-surface conditions, Printable Patient Reports, Time Lapse Views, Power Search Functions and Import and Export Capabilities. Design: The PhotoPro is designed to give you maximum flexibility for your medical practice or medical spa without taking up much-needed floor space. For optimal stability and reproducibility, the PhotoPro uses a mobile and height-adjustable base design, allowing the PhotoPro to be easily moved into different exam rooms or tucked away when not in use. Both systems offer the benefits of tethered capture and the ability to take those "hard to reach" photographs with the detachable PictureGrip" system. PATIENT POSITIONING: The PhotoPro accommodates the most natural patient positioning with an adjustable chinrest, a positioning arm for capturing frontal, oblique (30-, 45- and 60-degrees) and lateral angles, and an attached Sight Guide, which maintains the patient's eye line for standardization purposes. Camera: Profect® Photography Systems use Olympus digital cameras for their sharp image quality, ease of use, excellent zoom and macro capability, Dual Image Stabilization, Perfect Shot Preview function and more. The PhotoPro utilizes Olympus digital SLRs with an enhanced image processor, Live-MOS image sensor and optional RAW format.

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: ProFect
Model: PhotoPro
Hour Count: N/A
Pulse Count: N/A
Hand Pieces: N/A
Power Requirements: Wall
Last Serviced: November 2011
Manuals Present: Yes
Under Warrranty: No
Age: 2 years