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Chromogenex A00-1097 For Sale - $50000.00


Chromogenex A00-1097 For Sale By Owner

Price: $50000.00

I'm Interested - Please Contact Me Regarding This Chromogenex A00-1097

This laser is amazing! Very rare to find this quality laser at this price. Very reluctant sale. Patients love the Regenlite" Pulsed Dye Laser because there is no pain, just a sensation as if warm water drops were being applied to the skin. Backed by numerous clinical research articles and the clinical experience of over 500 aesthetic practices worldwide, The Regenlite" Pulsed Dye Laser offers swift and effective treatments with no need for cooling or anesthesia and little or no visible after-effects, allowing the patient to resume their normal routine quickly. The Regenlite" Pulsed Dye Laser has two treatment modes: skin rejuvenation laser mode and vascular laser mode. For skin rejuvenation, the laser delivers low fluency visible yellow light at 585nm with exclusive Smartpulse technology. This stimulates the bodys natural responses to produce new collagen and treats skin diseases such as Acne Vulgaris and Psoriasis. By switching the laser to the vascular mode, the operator is provided with all the treatment options of a standard pulsed dye vascular laser. The Regenlite" Pulsed Dye Laser, is making a real difference in patients lives and in the success of your aesthetic practice.

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: Chromogenex
Model: A00-1097
Hour Count:
Pulse Count:
Hand Pieces: 3 (skin rejuv & acne, vascular, pigment)
Accessories: Handpieces, goggles & glasses
Power Requirements: 20 AMP
Last Serviced: 08/2011
Manuals Present: No
Under Warrranty: Yes, until Aug 2012
Age: 1.5 year