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  • Cutera Xeo For Sale - $85,000 OBO

Cutera Xeo For Sale - $85,000 OBO


Cutera Xeo For Sale By Owner

Price: $85,000 OBO

I'm Interested - Please Contact Me Regarding This Cutera Xeo

Xeo Nd Yag laser, Hair removal system for all skin types, vascular veins, Skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, skin tightening, treats rosacea and frackles. Wart removal etc

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: Cutera
Model: Xeo
Hour Count:
Pulse Count: 28,000
Hand Pieces: Lime light, and Titan.
Accessories: Goggles.
Power Requirements: 220V
Last Serviced: April 1,2012
Manuals Present: Yes
Under Warrranty: Yes
Age: Brand New