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Sciton Profile For Sale - 40 000

Sciton Profile For Sale By Owner

Price: 40 000

I'm Interested - Please Contact Me Regarding This Sciton Profile

System Options & Configuration 2940 x 1 (shows under 50,000 total shots) 1064 NdYag x 2 (shot counts: NdYag 1 = 250 000 &* NdYag 2 = 760 000) Micro Laser Peel Module Surgical Module/Cutting Coagulation Module Resurfacing Module Profractional Module High Speed Hair Removal Module Vascular Module Articulated Arm w/ weight Scanner Cable High Speed HF Scanner w/ Chill Plate for Laser Hair Removal Micro Laser Peel Scanner 2/3mm & 4/6mm Single Spot Hand Pieces Small Chill Plate Adapter for Single Spot Hand Pieces Large Chill Plate Recirculated Chiller w/ Tubing & connections for hand pieces .2008 Profractional Erbium laser ( 1 500 000 shots) and Buffalo Plumesafe Smoke Evacuator w/ new filter & all accessories ( Protective Glasses (2) Patient Protective Metal Shields(2) Original Owner device, laser has been under service contract up until June 2012 . Device has very minimal use & has hardly been used since it was purchased new. Scanners, chill plates, & all lenses are in perfect condition with no pitting or blemishes. Arm has been aligned & power output, calibration, & beam profile are all at factory spec for a new laser. Device is in 10 out of 10 cosmetic condition, not a blemish on it, meticulously cared for, never moved from the office it was delivered to & has been maintained under a service contract with regular visits & updates.

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: Sciton
Model: Profile
Hour Count:
Pulse Count:
Hand Pieces: All for Nd Yag, Profractional and BBL
Accessories: Manual , Protective eyewear, Buffalo smoke evacuat
Power Requirements: 220V
Last Serviced: June 2012
Manuals Present: Yes
Under Warrranty: NO
Age: 2006 and 2008