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Price: 7500

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Benefits Ease of Use Profitability Mobility No Side Effects Suitable for all Phototypes Pain free hair removal for all skin types. Manufactured by Quantel Medical, the Athos is a fifth generation long pulsed 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser for hair removal and coagulation of deep (blue) leg veins. At 1064 nm, the wavelength of the Athos ensures light penetrates down to the deepest follicle whilst its lower absorption by melanin guarantees preservation of surrounding tissue. All phototypes as well as tanned skin can now be safely and efficaciously treated. The pulse duration of the Athos is long enough to ensure thermal destruction of the follicle but short enough to ensure that damage is confined to the target. This results in minimal discomfort for the patient as well as eliminating the need for a skin-cooling device. This rugged, highly portable unit has a 4 mm spot size and can fire up to 3 shots per second. The spot size can be extended to 19 mm when coupled with the Athoscan". To further increase the efficacy of the 1064 nm wavelength when treating particularly resistant lesions (e.g. large, deep-seated (blue) leg veins), the Athos comes with the patented Multipulse" technology. Multipulse" is a process where tissue selectivity is artificially increased, enabling more energy to be delivered at the treatment site while further preserving surrounding structures. This makes for a far more effective, yet gentler treatment. After the first laser pulse, surrounding tissue cools faster than the target tissue. This artificially increases selectivity. A second laser pulse is then fired which is more readily absorbed by the target. Technical Specifications Type: Flash Lamp Pumped Nd: YAG Wavelength: 1064 nm Fluence: 15-120 J/cm2 Spot Size: 2, 4, 5 mm + scanner (19mm) Constans Hand piece: Contact cooling 5 c Repetition Rate: Repetition Rate: 1, 2, 3 shots/s : mulitpulse Aiming Beam: Red Diode Laser Electrical Requirements: 110 to 240; VAC; 13A, 50/60 Hz Size (HxWxD) 44(L) x 33(l) x 36(H) cm Weight 17 Kg

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: quantel
Model: athos
Hour Count: 0
Pulse Count: multipulse
Hand Pieces: 1
Accessories: FOOT PEDAL
Power Requirements: 110v
Last Serviced: n/a
Manuals Present: no
Under Warrranty: no
Age: new