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  • Cuttera Altus Cool Glide For Sale - $14,000

Cuttera Altus Cool Glide For Sale - $14,000


Cuttera Altus Cool Glide For Sale By Owner

Price: $14,000

I'm Interested - Please Contact Me Regarding This Cuttera Altus Cool Glide

The CoolGlide Laser system delivers high power, long pulsed 1064 nm energy. Fluenece pulse width, and repetition rate are adjustable over ranges identified in the product specification. The handpiece serves to locally cool the patients skin prior to each light pulse.

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: Cuttera Altus
Model: Cool Glide
Hour Count: N/A
Pulse Count: 1064 NM Long pulse ND YAG
Hand Pieces: 1
Accessories: None
Power Requirements: 100-120 VAC/20A
Last Serviced: November 20th 2014
Manuals Present: Yes
Under Warrranty: No
Age: 2001