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Pioon Laser Technology Co GaAlAs diode For Sale - 3000 dollars


Pioon Laser Technology Co GaAlAs diode For Sale By Owner

Price: 3000 dollars

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Pioon therapeutic lasers are a very safe and effective treatment for a variety of neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions, and is proven to biostimulate tissue, enhance repair and growth, and decrease inflammation and pain. When it comes to pain management.Evenly Laser Therapy is often used with other forms of therapy, including physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, massage, soft tissue mobilization, electrotherapy and even following surgery. Other healing modalities are complementary and can be used with laser to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.The Pioon laser uses 808 and 980 nanometer laser wavelengths. These penetrate deeper,due to the chromophores (cell light receptors) absorbing laser wavelengths from 500 to 1100 nanometers. The Pioon laser therapeutic applications which have shown promising results based on studies include: Acne 3 Allergic Purpura 3 Alopecia Areata 3 Arthritis 3 Asthma 3 Back Pain 3 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 3Dental Applications 3 Diabetes 3 Fibromyalgia 3 Headaches/Migraine 3 Hearing Disorders 3 Herpes 3 Hypertension 3 Hyperlipidemia 33 Maxillofacial Disorders 3 Meniere' s Disease 3 Nerve Regeneration 3 Neuralgia Neuropathy 3 Pain (Musculoskeletal, Myofascial, Nerve) 3 Sports Injuries 3 Tendonitis 3Wound Healing.

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: Pioon Laser Technology Co
Model: GaAlAs diode
Hour Count:
Pulse Count: pulse
Hand Pieces: 1
Accessories: 4
Power Requirements: 110v~240v, 3A, 50/60 Hz
Last Serviced: 2019.12.29
Manuals Present: have Operating Manuals
Under Warrranty: under warranty
Age: 3