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Danish Dermatological Ellipse Light SPT For Sale - 9000


Danish Dermatological Ellipse Light SPT For Sale By Owner

Price: 9000

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Hair Removal System Ellipse Light SPT Second generation intense pulsed light I2PL system, using broad-spectrum visible light. 1. Dual mode filtering removes the wave-lengths that cause heating of water in the skin 2. Minimal reduction of clients discomfort level 3. Minimal risk of side effects 4. Large spot size of hand-piece for faster operation 5. The built-in computer calculates treatment parameters; a client database helps document treatments 6. Safe treatment guidance by skin type selection, pigmentation and hair thickness. Automatically calculates safe energy settings. 7. Convenient mobility 8. Easy to operate 9. Comfortable to use 10. Complies with the most stringent safety and quality requirements as per CE mark of EEC Medical Device Directive Comes with one HR & HR-D Applicator and 1 Spare Hand Piece

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: Danish Dermatological
Model: Ellipse Light SPT
Hour Count:
Pulse Count:
Hand Pieces: 2
Accessories: HR & HR-D Applicator
Power Requirements: NA
Last Serviced: NA
Manuals Present: Yes
Under Warrranty: No
Age: 2008