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  • Quanta Eterna Giovinezza IPL For Sale - $45,000.00

Quanta Eterna Giovinezza IPL For Sale - $45,000.00


Quanta Eterna Giovinezza IPL For Sale By Owner

Price: $45,000.00

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Spot Size: 48 x 13 mm2 or 25 x 13 mm2 Complies with FDA performance standards Indicated Uses: Acne Treatment- Active and scar removal Hair Removal Pigmented Lesions Photofacial (skin rejuvenation) Vascular Lesions (including Leg Veins) Wart Removal The Eterna Giovinezza IPL Plus, medical Pulsed Light systems. They have been developed by Quanta System in cooperation with worldwide researchers having many years of experience in skin-photonics applications. The Quanta IPL is flexible and powerful, efficacy is clinically proven with new treatment opportunities to increase professional success, providing the desired clinical results. Quantas IPLs are based on a proprietary technology producing pulses with the highest fluences available on the market. Eterna Giovinezza Quanta Systems are intense pulsed light systems able to provide a broad range of wave-lengths interacting with the skin. Thanks to special interchangeable waveguides or handpieces it is possible to treat a wide range of skin problems while targeting specific chromophores with the right wave-lengths, fluence and pulse duration. The applications result extremely fast, thanks to the big spot sizes available. Treatments using our Eterna Giovinezza Quanta systems are comfortable and safe with the suggested presets of these quanta systems able to optimize the emission of energy to the skin. The worlds FIRST and ONLY Eterna IPL laser for: " permanent hair reduction " vascular lesions " photothermolysis " pigmented lesions " acne " cutaneous lesions " warts " scars " striae

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: Quanta
Model: Eterna Giovinezza IPL
Hour Count:
Pulse Count: 24,425
Hand Pieces: 2- 400nm, 550nm, 570nm, 625nm
Accessories: User Manuals, Safety Goggles x2, Cover, Filters
Power Requirements: 110v
Last Serviced: 2015
Manuals Present: yes
Under Warrranty: no
Age: 3 years 2014