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Candela 4860 For Sale - 12950


Candela 4860 For Sale By Owner

Price: 12950

I'm Interested - Please Contact Me Regarding This Candela 4860

1. What is the date on the manufacture sticker on the back of the machine (Month & Year)? (If there is no date on the sticker, the serial number may contain the information. If it's still not available, the purchase date month/year of the machine will suffice.) September 2002 2. What is the serial number? 9914-0720-4860 3. Are you the 1st owner of the machine? Was it purchased directly from the manufacturer (new or as a demo unit)? If not, from who and when? Yes we are the first owner.Was purchased new from Candela. 4. List the current total system pulse count and if it is a multi-wavelength system, list each hand piece and its pulse count? What additional Hand pieces does your system accommodate, that you don't have? If the machine has no hour or pulse counts--How much usage has it had? For example, how many treatments per day, week, month and for how many months and years (a good guestimate is fine). Frequency: 50/60 hz Power: 4600 VA Voltage: 230 V Current 20 A Max Pulse energy: 6J Pulseweidth: 40-45 ms Wavelength: 595 nm 5. Please scrutinize each hand piece for all cracks, chips, looseness, functionality, etc. List all cosmetic and functionality problems you've had with each hand piece. Our buyer requires that we inform him about every little detail--cosmetically and functionally. (As long as we tell him everything, there is no way he can later come back on you and I and demand a new hand piece, for example (because we forgot/and or didn't tell him something about it). Underneath the hand piece there is a small crack. There are also a couple small scratches. 6. What are the error or fault codes the machine has when it is turned on or being operated? What are they and when does it occur? (Please double check the machine especially if it has not been turned on in a while to check its functionality). 7. What problems have you had with the main unit? No 8. Have you had any Preventative Maintenance done? If so, Who performed it?, What was done/fixed/calibrated?, Date it was performed? Any documented reports you can send? Yes Candela. 10. Detail all scratches, dents and cosmetic deficiencies on the main unit? Light scratches on top, scratched off paint on both left and right sides, water marks on the top. 11. List all accessories with exact quantities of them, clear down to the Manuals/Keys/Goggles/Foot pedals/Treatment guides/Consumables/Transducers/Tips etc...? 1 box of windows 7 o-rings 2 slider window cleaning procedure manuals 1 pair of goggles 2 pair of protection shades _____________________ ___________________________ 12. Why are you selling the system? We have a newer piece of equipment we are using instead . HISTORY REPAIR REPORTS PROVIDED

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: Candela
Model: 4860
Hour Count:
Pulse Count: 40-45
Hand Pieces: 1
Accessories: 1 box of windows 7 o-rings 2 slider window cleanin
Power Requirements: 4600 VA
Last Serviced: may 2013
Manuals Present: yes
Under Warrranty: No
Age: 2002