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KES Technology Group MED-210 For Sale - 10,000

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KES Technology Group MED-210 For Sale By Owner

Price: 10,000

I'm Interested - Please Contact Me Regarding This KES Technology Group MED-210

Brand new, used 2 times and lost medical director. 2015 model. Goes up to 44 joules. Powerful, yet not big or clumsy. 640nm, 430nm, and 530nm. NOT responsible for shipping; must send someone to pick it up. Easy to maintain, and very easy to store in your treatment room. VERY effective due to ONE hand piece that does NUMEROUS treatments!

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: KES Technology Group
Model: MED-210
Hour Count: 2
Pulse Count: 8
Hand Pieces: 1 hand piece, 3 filters, does over 4 modalities
Accessories: Metal case, filters, 1 pair protective eye wear
Power Requirements: 110
Last Serviced: Never had to be.
Manuals Present: 1
Under Warrranty: no
Age: 2 years old, used 2 times only