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  • 2015 Lasering Slim Evo E30 Mixto SX For Sale - 16000 USD

2015 Lasering Slim Evo E30 Mixto SX For Sale - 16000 USD


2015 Lasering Slim Evo E30 Mixto SX For Sale By Owner

Price: 16000 USD

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LASERING SLIM EVOLUTION E30 MIXTO SX  Manufactured Oct 2015 We are selling our Microfractional Ablative Co2 Laser  Lasering Slim E30 MIXto SX, Manufactured 10/2015; Excelent Condition/As New. Still under warranty until sept 2017. MiXto SX CO2 is a laser skin resurfacing treatment for skin tightening and antiaging skin rejuvenation (e.g. pigmentation problems, enlarged pores, wrinkles, acne scars, skin lesions, sun damage, dyschromia, actinic keratoses). It can treat ALL skin types. 2015 MIXto Slim Evolution is the CO2 surgical laser that combines advanced technology with ease of use allowing the surgeon to always get the best effect of vaporization or coagulation on tissue in every application. Slim Evolution with its three operating modes: Continuous (CW), SuperPulse and Pulser is able to deliver controlled high power performance for every treatment protocol. Sophisticated low tolerance control system guaranteeing high precision in the energy value delivered to tissue. Compared to other systems, Mixto SX with CW Chopped technology provides more heat into the dermis with the same comfort level for the patient but with a better aesthetic result in the short and long term. No anesthesia or additional cooling needed for most procedures. MiXto SX is a patented system technology (the gold-standard for skin rejuvenation) with a high speed scanner. Using a proprietary algorithm, MiXto SX delivers in Fractional mode a precise matrix of microspots that penetrate down to the dermis stimulating the formation of new collagen and achieving immediate shrinkage of damaged tissue. This Fractional methodology uses a unique Z scan pattern which is calculated to produce a tissue thermal relaxation time resulting in faster healing with less patient discomfort. With the flexibility of performing advanced Fractional Skin Resurfacing or using the added option of conventional 100% Ablation the MiXto SX delivers incomparable results. Compact and ergonomic design. Touch-screen interface for ultimate ease of use. Clear graphics with continuously visible main parameters. Has treatment density adjustment Includes (1) 300 Micron Spot Scanner Handpiece (1) 180 Micron Spot Scanner Handpiece, (1) Tip with Adjustable Density (5-40%), (1) Fixed Focus Handpiece 5", (1) Pneumatic foot switch, (1) Key, (1) Operator Manual, (2) Co2 Safety Goggles.

Additional Information:

Manufacturer: 2015 Lasering
Model: Slim Evo E30 Mixto SX
Hour Count:
Pulse Count:
Hand Pieces: 300 & 180 Micron Spot Scanner Handpiece
Accessories: (1) Tip with Adjustable Density
Power Requirements: 230V
Last Serviced: August 2016
Manuals Present: Yes
Under Warrranty: Yes - Sept 2017
Age: 1.5 yo